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Marketing Resource

Bluebridge Consulting is a versatile marketing resource available to organizations of all sizes. The marketing needs of an organization change over time. An experienced professional, needed at a critical formative stage, might be underutilized at other stages. A less experienced professional may not have the strategic insight to lead the company’s marketing direction, and ultimately cost the company money. Either way, hiring an employee or a new team member is a permanent decision and carries a long term responsibility. Bluebridge Consulting is a cost effective alternative to hiring full time permanent staff. By serving as a company’s marketing department or supplementing the existing marketing department, organizations can benefit from an experienced marketing professional without the long term implications of employing additional staff full time.

Marketing Strategy

During the early stages of a company or during times of change, it is helpful to have an experienced strategic marketing resource to develop the company’s marketing plan and overall strategy for the company’s communications to prospective customers. Bluebridge Consulting can work for you intensively on a fixed term contract basis or on a project by project or on-going part time basis to suit your needs and your budget. Offering great flexibility and cost effectiveness, we do not use a standard model, but work with you to tailor the strategy to your needs and goals.

Marketing Services

Once the marketing strategy has been developed, it’s important that communications to customers are simple, clear and focused and utilize the best channels for optimum impact. Bluebridge can brief designers, obtain quotes from suppliers and oversee the development of materials so that you can focus on growing your business.

Outsourced Marketing

Organizations regularly use outside agencies to create and execute the media and advertising segments of their marketing mix, but are only just discovering that it can be cost effective to outsource other portions of their marketing mix. Bluebridge Consulting outsourced marketing services can be particularly helpful for clients who have little or limited in house marketing capabilities, so whether you want to make the most of new opportunities, address important changes to your market or simply put some best practice marketing measures in place, Bluebridge Consulting can help. We can help you assess the situation, propose a course of action and implement an agreed plan, so you can focus on keeping your existing business running smoothly.

Growth and Beyond

As a client’s organization grows and develops, strategies and resourcing needs change. Bluebridge Consulting can assist in the transition to an internal marketing resource if and when you decide you are ready.

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