Interim Services

Interim Resource

It can be very difficult for organizations (not to mention the relevant employees) when they have to manage without a key team member during maternity or long term sick leave. With over 20 years experience in marketing, sales and management, Bluebridge Consulting can be a valuable interim manager to organizations of all sizes. We can work with you on a fixed term contract, project by project or part time basis to suit your needs and budget.

Maternity Cover

Having twice hired maternity cover for her own leave, Bluebridge Consulting Founder and Managing Director, Ann Burniston is particularly attuned to the concerns that pregnant mothers face when leaving a management position and the challenges they can encounter when returning to work. She can help ease the transition back by developing a sensitive re-introduction programme. With an established interim manager in place, the mother to be can leave knowing that her job is in good hands and will be waiting for her when she returns. If, in the end, the new mother decides against returning, Bluebridge Consulting can help the organization train a permanent hire, thereby ensuring a smooth transition and a degree of continuity in strategy and tactics.

Interim Management

Interim managers can add value to organizations at other times because of their objectivity. Working as an interim manager, Bluebridge Consulting can help an organization assess a situation from an outsider’s perspective. With experience in packaging, new product development and commercialization, premium sourcing, licensing, international market management, import and export, operations, manufacturing and distribution, Bluebridge Consulting can provide valuable project management services to your organization. This can be particularly useful to businesses of all sizes if existing resources or commitments make it difficult to manage the project internally.

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