Management Services

Management Resource

Bluebridge Consulting is a versatile management resource available to organizations of all sizes in London and the southeast of England. Over the years, Ann Burniston, Founder and Managing Director of Bluebridge Consulting, has heard many business owners and professionals express concerns over the “business element” of their organizations. Some feel that they don’t have the aptitude for the relevant tasks, while others struggle to find the time to do them or feel that their time would be better spent elsewhere. Whether you need help creating and managing a cash flow forecast, developing a budget, or simply organizing your paperwork, Bluebridge Consulting may be able to provide just the help you need to help your business thrive. As a flexible and cost effective resource, we can work on a fixed term, project by project or on-going part time basis to suit your needs and budget.

Project Management

With experience in packaging, new product development and commercialization, premium sourcing, licensing, international market management, import and export, operations and distribution, Bluebridge Consulting can provide valuable project management services to your organization. This can be particularly useful to businesses of all sizes if existing resources or commitments limit internal capacity to manage the project.

Business Development

These days, most companies need to continue to develop and evolve their business offering to thrive. Often, it can be hard to step back from the existing business to determine a reasonable approach to a new sector or market. Other times, the strategy is easier to determine, but implementation is difficult, given existing resources and commitments. Bluebridge Consulting can work with you to assess your strengths, create new market entry strategies, generate leads, prepare new business presentations and conduct credentials presentations and pitch presentations to new business targets.

Interim Management

Bluebridge Consulting can help your organization cover for a short or medium term resource gap such as maternity leave or long term sick absence. Please see our Interim Services section for more details.

Contact Us

To discuss how Bluebridge Consulting could help your organization fulfil its marketing potential or to make an appointment, please complete this form or phone: 07786-15-22-44.

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