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Establishing a UK market presence

The UK is an ideal springboard to global growth for US companies looking to expand their business internationally, but it can be a costly mistake to apply US strategies and tactics without localization. Subtle and more pronounced differences in lifestyle, personal tastes, culture, terminology and attitudes can render US strategies ineffective. As a member of the European Union, the UK is a perfect first step to tapping into nearly half a billion people, but it is important to remember that the EU is made up of 27 member states using 22 main languages. As an American who has lived and worked in the UK for almost 14 years, Ann Burniston, Founder and Managing Director of Bluebridge Consulting, can help American companies avoid some common pitfalls and start on the right foot. Having set up and successfully run the UK/European subsidiary for a US company for 6 years, she can also help companies assess the opportunity for their products or services in the UK market and develop a UK market presence.

International Marketing

Bluebridge Consulting is an experienced international marketing resource available to organizations of all sizes. With experience marketing products in the UK, Europe, US, Japan, Pacific Rim countries and South Africa and international experience in market management, packaging, product development, premium sourcing, import/export and distribution, Bluebridge can help your company develop a strategy for global growth.

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